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Laboratory Scale Fermenters

Bio-Spin Series of Lab Scale and Pilot Scale Fermenters/Bioreactors are compact and designed for Mass multiplication of microorganisms in precisely controlled growth conditions, manufactured as per ASTM standards, ISO9001:2008/CE certification and comply GMP and GLP guidelines.
Autoclavable Lab Scale Fermenter

Autoclavable Lab Scale Fermenter

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  • Bio-Spin L Fermenters have round bottom/ Double walled Glass Vessel/ whole glass vessels with digital controlling of pH/ temperature/ agitation and aeration etc.
  • They are Microcontroller/PLC based systems with 5.7”/7”/10” display in TFT/ HMI.
  • Interchangeable growth vessels of 2,3,5 and 7 Liters working volume with Top driven magnetic drive to avoid possible contamination from mechanical seals. Fermenter vessels with SS 316L are also available in full SS vessel with glass window. Optionally top driven direct coupled with Mechanical seal are also available.



Whole Glass/ double jacketed vessel Table Top, Autoclave type with SS316L Flange.


Micro controller/ PLC/TFT based Auto Temperature/ RPM/ Ph/ DO2/ Antifoam/ Air Flow etc with password protection.


5.7” Graphic TFT Display for microprocessor based systems and 7”/10” HMI Display for PLC based systems.

Top Flange/ Head Plate

SS316L with 25mm ports for Ph/ DO2and temp/heater/sample ports of 19mm, feed inoculation ports, etc.


SS316L heat exchanger fitted on the top of the flange with 0.22micron PTFE filter for out gas and air filtration. Water inlet and outlet for circulation of cold water to maintain the reaction volume.


Through Glass metered needle valve Rota meter with ring type air Sparger with inbuilt/ external air pump/ compressor.

Inlet/ Exhaust Filters

0.22 micron hydrophobic PTFE filters from 50mm dia to 2” capsule filters.


Top driven direct/ magnetic coupled motor having 20-1400 RPM for Microbial fermentation mode and 20-500 for Cell culture Applications.


Removable type Rushton turbine impeller with six/four SS316L blades for Microbial applications or Marine type impellers for Cell Culture Applications and other on demand basis.


Removable type two/four number SS316L Baffles provided in Microbial Culture Vessels.


Variable speed control through PLC/ Microprocessor control and Display on HMI/ TFT.

Peristaltic Pumps

One fixed speed peristaltic pump on the control panel for the addition of feed or substrate, two fixed speed peristaltic pumps for Acid/Base dosing or additional pumps on demand basis.


Inbuilt electric heating element fixed/ encapsulated in a SS31L tube on the top of flange/ heating blanket.

Temperature Control`

PID control through microprocessor with TFT Display/ PLC with HMI having control accuracy of ±0.2°C.


Data Acquisition/ SCADA Software with RS232C serial communication/ USB Interface to PC for trends/ graphs and tabular form DATA ACQUISITION with inbuilt memory for one year data storage.

Power Supply


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  • In-Situ Sterilizable Lab Scale Fermenter
  • In-Situ Sterilizable Lab Scale Fermenter
  • In-Situ Sterilizable Lab Scale Fermenter
In-Situ Sterilizable Lab Scale Fermenter

In-Situ Sterilizable Lab Scale Fermenter

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Total Capacities

3-150 Liters

Working Volume

2.0 Liters to 115 Liters


Designed as per ASME standards

to comply with the required

pressure in vessels and in



SS316L vessel with glass

window and SS304 jacket,

In-situ Sterilizable(SIP & CIP)


Auto temperature/RPM:20-

2800/pH/DO2 with cascade

control/ Antifoam/Air flow/auto

sterilization through Modular

Micro-controller & PID Controls.

Other probes for out-gases

etc available on demand.


Top driven and direct coupled

Motor with single/double





0.22 µm PTFE filter Cartridge

with SS316L housing plus

0.45/0.22µm prefilter with SS


Control Panel:

Multi colored PLC/TFT Touch

Screen/Graphic display Control

panel with HMI for monitoring

and control of pH/Temp/DO2

and Agitation.

D/H Ratio

1:2.5 Automatic control for

Temperature, Sterilization,

Agitation, Aeration pH DO,

Pressure, Antifoam, Acid,

Base, Feed,MFC etc.

Vessel and Jacket

Design Parameters

Max. Working Temp for vessel:

150 deg C and for Jacket:

140deg C Working Pressure for

vessel: 3.0 Bar and for Jacket:

3.75 Bar Design Temp. for

vessel will be 150 deg and for

Jacket 150 deg C Design

Pressure for vessel will be 3.0

Bar and for jacket 4.0 Bar

Provision of Ports

On the top plate with safety

valve, agitator, gas outlet,

light glass, pressure gauges,

additional ports with a cooler,

air sparger, air by pass, 3 nos

. of standard ports for acid,

Alkali and feed. At 1/3 height

of shell/vessel from bottom

provided with 25 mm standard

ports for pH ,DO2 ,temperature

probes and a sampling valve

in the bottom dish, Jacket -

provided with ports for

steam/water entry, standard

ports, Jacket drain etc.

Agitator Assembly

Shaft, 3/4 nos. of Ruston

turbine impellers, single/double

mechanical seal. Motor

& RPM are customized as

per requirement. Accuracy

1 RPM with VFD/Speed controller

card etc.

Top Plate

Bolted to the shell. Bottom

shell welded to the shell,

jacket cover 80% of the

total height, All parts in

contact with culture made

of SS 316 L, Jacket and

spiral – SS 304 , “O” rings

made of EDPM, silicone

Pipe Line Fittings

and Accessories

Inlet/outlet cartridge filters

with SS316L housing and

pressure gauges,. meter

for flow measurement etc



With diaphragm control

valves to control sterilization

temperature, All the valves

in the lines connected to

the jacket are pneumatically

operated from the control panel.

Base frame

Suitable base frame.

MOC: SS304 to house

the vessel, agitator assembly

along with pipe rack etc.

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